Course outcome

Programme Outcome & Programme Specific  Outcome

Programme Outcome:

Programme outcome can be measured in terms of results. Students will complete graduation with excellent result.

Programme Specific Outcome: After end of the programme the students will be able to

BA Honours in Bengali  Know the evolution of Bengali Language and contribution of Bengali Literature in the arena of World and culture.  Eligible for choosing the profession of writing and journalism.

BA Honours in English  Media communicator  Editor and Proof-reader, Book reviewer for publishing houses and take profession of journalism

BA Honours in Education  Take teaching as a profession  Select and apply appropriate knowledge from a range of disciplines to enrich professional teaching practice.

BA Honours in History  Choose profession like archaeology, museum curator and teacher etc.

BA Honours in Economics  Join different survey organizations to analyze economic policies and acknowledging their implications across social, cultural and institutional boundaries BA Honours in Philosophy  Able to achieve excellent reasoning and imagination power.  An ethical hacker, motivator and teacher.

BA Honours in Political Science  Familiar with different approaches to the study of politics which will enable them to apply these knowledge to contemporary political problems.  Able to formulate and construct logical arguments about political phenomena.  Choose politics as a career and to become successful political activist.

BA Honours in Sociology  Understand social behaviour, roles and interactions of human beings with the larger society and everyday life practices of human beings.  Eligible for the career of professional counselor.

BA in Physical Education  Owner of healthy body, mind and soul. BA in Kokborok  Contribute the development of Kokborok Language.

B.A.(Pass)  in NCC course: Capacity- 30

B. Sc. Honours in Physics  Eligible to pursue space and other scientific research like forensic science etc.

B. Sc. Honours In Chemistry  Become industrial chemist after higher education

B. Sc. Honours In Mathematics  Develop an excellent ability to mathematical calculations.  Eligible to pursue space and other scientific research.

B. Sc. In Human Physiology  Know the structures and composition of human body and functions of different organs.  Able to design, conduct, and disseminate scientific research.

B. Sc. In Botany  Understand the impact of the plant diversity in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development  Able to design, conduct, and disseminate scientific research.

B. Sc. In Zoology  Understand Faunal diversity, environmental conservation processes and its importance, pollution control and biodiversity and protection of endangered species.

The College Website is the primary method of communication. The Prospectus mentioning details of courses offered by institute is displayed; Course Outcomes and Programme Outcomes are also displayed in the website. The programme outcomes are reflected in the performance of student in the examinations. Examination result is displayed in the University website.

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